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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6 Ways to overcome powerful google sandbox

6 Ways to overcome powerful google sandbox I've ever experienced is as follows:

1. Nge-post stop for a moment. Exception made ​​a post about Google Sandbox and include links which go to Google. Post if not too much, for example you post 5 times a day and as much as 5 times the ping anyway ... especially the free blog platform

2. Stay away from excessive blogs Optimization (SEO optimization is actually good but not too. Suppose you created for the sake of optimization SPAM comments on people's blogs with more than 5-10 times per day

3. Do not Copas or plagiarized articles that other people have already indexed
4. Reduce hunt superfluous backlink No. = pts. 2
5. Look for certain whether your article is dicopas / diplagiat by others, if it is true then report immediately to google DMCA
6. Contact your doctor immediately google ... there a lot of tricks to get out of google sanbox

NB: Dispose of quality backlinks that not disavow link by using google. In google also has a lot to discuss