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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

what is the age limit to become a firefighter

A firefighter is one of the most thankless jobs there. Brave men fighting the fire, smoke, heat, and put their lives on the line so they can save them from the others. Some jobs can be so strong and so mentally tough because of the work of firefighters. I mean seriously, he should take some of the characters to run into a burning house to another run out of it. So, I suppose, that the first of the many requirements is courage. What are the requirements to become a firefighter? We will look forward.
Matters specific knowledge
It may seem as though more than educational qualifications, requirements tend to deal more with personal character. But it was not so. Dealing with fire requires special knowledge. Ways to extinguish much depends on what actually caused the fire. So the fire was caused due to an electric spark goes out differently than any other fire. Therefore, to be able to handle different types of fires, firefighters must have the necessary education and maturity.
Therefore, state laws have decided that to be a firefighter, you must be at least above 18. Age limit varies depending on the country or the fire department. Several firefighters also set an upper limit for the age in recognition of the fact that the work of firefighters can be very physical, and not all people over a certain age will be able to cope with the physical nature of the firefighting job.
Education and Other Requirements
The second requirement is that you have to clean the high school and also has taken courses in fields that teach the basics of firefighting. So right from the basic diploma in health, safety and the environment for the engineering of fire, there are programs that can teach you the basics of firefighting. Work in the New York Fire Department, one of the most coveted jobs in America firefighters, requires you to complete 15 credits of college or have been in full-time military service.
One very important part of the requirements is that you must remove the test established by the fire department. Test set by the fire department asks all the questions, the answers to which potential firefighters should know. In addition to this, you will be required to pass a physical fitness test, which will test you on the basic rigors firefighters must face and check if you are up to the challenge. Fitness test also includes tests for vision, hearing and mental alertness. Other requirements may also include the candidate must be a citizen. The New York Fire Department also specifically requires that you have a valid license New York State motor vehicle.
Duties and Responsibilities
Firefighters have to respond to a fire alarm system that went and continued to destination. He then had to hold the nozzle and spray water over the burned area. He must also enter the building, save everyone trapped in the fire and clear the building. He then had to ventilate the building properly and find the cause of the fire. Some other tasks and duties firefighters are as follows:
Gather information about traffic around the fire place and ensure the speedy transport of the vehicle fire.Inform the officer in the control room and in places the problem in pumping machinery or other errors, if any.Determine the best location for easy entry in the buildings and save maximum lives.Working as a team to minimize human and material losses in the event of fire.Make sure that the equipment is functioning effectively, because of poor or faulty equipment can cause the loss of many lives.Participate in all types of fire extinguisher training.
Firefighters also may be involved in a separate, non-task related to firefighting as a leading rescue operations in case of surrender building, or mining or during floods and other natural disasters. One more very important work that firefighters do is to give fire safety tips in the workplace and take sessions for fire safety for children.
So, it's all about the requirements to become a firefighter and a glimpse of what they are expected to do in their tenure. As you can see, this is not a very easy job, and therefore require rigorous testing and selection to ensure that the country has the best fire extinguisher available for it!