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Saturday, October 19, 2013



Phylum                 : Chordata
phylum's sub                 :  Vertebrata
Class                              :  Aves( burug's nation)
Ordo                     :  Galliformis
Familia                 :   Phaseanidae
Gender                 :  Coturnix
                                 -   Coturnix coturnix
                                 -   Coturnix communis
                                 -   Coturnix Japonica
                                 -   Coturnix chinensis


  1. Genitals mature age fast( 42 days) with wight warms up 120 g.
  2. Efficient den purpose on aged starter period 1 until 3 weeks 100 number per m2, grower's period age 3 until 6 weeks 75 number per m2 and layer's period age is more than 6 weeks 50 number per m2 and gets to be made by zoom 5 until 7,
  3. Tall egg production 250 until 300 bt pertahun or 7 % of body wights.
  4. Consume economical weft which is 20 g about tails per diem for bustard full age.   
  5. Lebi bates to disease.


  1. Its cannibalism character is tall
  2. Its den is odor.
  3. kerabangnya is spot's chromatic 2 shg is hard for candling egg.
  4. tunas's fertility or energy contemns.
  5. After 8 butan production happens sharp pproduksi decrease.
  6. sensitif to lighting ’


Phylum                       :  Chordata
phylum's sub              :  Vertebrata
Class                           :  Aves
Ordo                           :  Galliformis
ordo's sub                   :  Galli
Familia                       :  Phaseanidae
Gender                                   :  Coturnix
-    Coturnix coturnix
-          Coturnix communis
-          Coturnix Japonica
-          Coturnix Chinensis


-          Rounded physique, long until 25 cm
-          Black color bill
-          Pink foot, dark red head
-          Ashen body, lurik is chocolate
-          Tail warpedding to down
-          Voice as gong of little( gongs)
-           Egg production 2 3 numbers perperiode

Manly           : - Green fur color, bluish back.      
     - Dayap is coklay's chromatic and is carried the wind available fur as fan.
berina:  As male as, no fur seeperti fan, nutbrown fur color


Manly      : tenggorokan's fur black and white, blue chest and chocolate bill
Female     : –garis's streaked chest, nutbrown primary colour


To the effect preserve:
-          Egg production à   female
                                        -      Pedaging à   manly and afkiran's quill
-          Pembibitan or egg production hatches

Seed at marketing:

1.   Aged seed one day until 5 days( doq)
2.      sexing's seed( age 21 days)
3.      Spawns ready seed( 42 until 45 days)

Day Old Quail( DOQ)

1.      Wight 7 g about tail

2.      Are not flawed

3.      Light footed, dry fur, no pain auspices

4.      Good penerasan result

5.      Good pembibitan result( marriage arrangement à  avoiding inbreedibg's happening = family marriage)

sexing's seed

1.      Secured by female
2.      Wight warms up 30 35 g perekor
3.      Are not flawed
4.      Light footed, dry fur, no pain auspices
5.      Good penerasan result
6.      Good pembibitan result( marriage arrangement à  avoiding inbreeding's happening = family marriage)

Productions Ready seed:

1.      Are not flawed
2.      Light footed, dry fur, no pain auspices
3.      Good penerasan result
4.      Good pembibitan result( marriage arrangement à  avoiding inbreedibg's happening = family marriage)
5.      Wight warms up 110 – 120 g perekor ages 42 days
6.      Rearwards body big dab loosens
7.      Burnished fur and shine eye

sexing is Bustard:

1.      Fur color on chest as sign as sexual secondary:
-          Manly bubu chest of jetty until sorrel color fur tip and plain.
-          Female on tip chest fur its adan waena black( no moon) 

2 Voices.  
      -   Manly loud-voiced if suadah reaches aged genital adult 42 days( cekeker).
       -   Noiseless female

3.    Bruise under tail:
-          Manly if was mature genital available bruise tingles under tail and if depressed outward spume.
-          Female no bruise

Pembibitan Buurung is Quill:

One that needs to be noticed
-   Marriage arrangement( avoid inbreeding = traverses deep = family squire marriage. Its impact is negative which is down quill performance. 
-          Vote for candidate good parent pejantan dabn 
-          Ratio pejantan and parent to get tall fertility 1: 2 
-          Good management and balans's weft


Principle à   weft that balans / even handed
One that needs to be noticed:
1.      gisi's content( quality and amount)
2.      Its application( amount and weft application system it)
3.      Weft application in one's line its preserve( preserve period and to the effect its preserve).
pemeberian's system weft:
In theory:
1.      Adlibitum.
2.      Restricted feeding.
3.      Free choise feeding.
4.      Creep feeding
5.      Limited time feeding.
6.      Skip a day and two day feeding

Would be convenient bustard à  adlibitum
Weft form:
1.      Mash
2.      Crumbel
3.      Pellet
Would be convenient for bustard à  crumbel

Preriode is bustard preserve:
A.      Preserve period
1.      Starter( 0 21 days)
2.      Grower( 22 – 42 days)
3.      Layer> 42 days
B.       Preserve period:
1.      Starter – grower( 0 42 days)
2.      Layer . 42 days
Weft at marketing:
grower's Starter period commerce chicken weft pedaging perode first few
layer's period anaya's weft petelur's commerce startup period



-          Weft that balans
-          Sanitasi is den / environmentally
-          Weft place / clear drink
-          Density den not high( accord)
-          Buying healthy seed
-          Immediate sick quill insulation
-          Come to pieces young quill and old
-          Vaccination


1.      Defisiensi is gisi's substance

2.      Cannibalism
Regarded by:
-          Genetic factor
-          Environmentally( unballanced weft, tall density etcetera)
Its prevention effort:
-          Week that balans
-          Appropriate density
-          Debeaking( bill crosscut)

3.      Infection disease( infectious desease)
Viral desease( viral disease)
-          ND, Coryza, Quail bronchitis
Bacterial desease( disease because bacteria)
-          Pullorum,  Cholera
Protozoal Desease( Disease because Protozoa)
- Coccidiosis


-  Furnished den heating
-  For starter period bustard( age 0 – 3 weeks).
-  Temperature
    Sunday 1st 100 oF
    Sunday 2nd 95 oF
    Sunday 3rd 85 oF
    Sunday 4th 75 oF 
-          Den density 100 number per m2

-   Weft place à  Sunday first is sown on newspaper bottom
                             à  Sunday 2nd dst on weft place
   -          Place drinks to be looked after that bp not comes in on place drinks( place drinks bp's special) or chick drink place à  give marble or gravel)

-   That economical fuel( penny wise) indukan is underside was closed by newspaper or plastic. Heart 2 don't there is newspaper roll for close indukan that punctured.


-  Don't need heating
-  Bustard so panchromatic
-  Need lighting à  14 hours per diem( biberi's night lighting affix)

-  Grower's den density( 75 number / m2), layer( 50 number / m2)
-          Den consists tobong's den and colony cage's den

-          Made from bamboo or wiring, high à  20 - 30 cm and gets to be made 5 – 7 zooms.

-  Weft place and advisable drink to be placed outboard.
-  Weft place is made close( meningindari is mouse, wild bird) dibei wires RAM upon weft.
As untapped as:

-  Cleared and at preceding disinfectant
-  Paused more or less 1 week