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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Type Pit Against at Intermediate Java, Indonesia

1. Batur's sheep

Come from Banjarnegara Kec's Regency. Batur. This sheep cross result of merino's sheep by pits against flimsy tail.

2. Dombos / Klowoh's sheep

Come from Wonosobo. Constituting cross result of texel's sheep by pits against local.

With wight warms up dapai's masculine adult reaches 100 kg and female one reaches 80 kg with karkas 55%.

3. Sheep Number Flimsy

Constituting sheep that exists a lot of at west javanese region and javanese intermediate. This sheep included faction pits against denganberat's little cuts around 20 30 kg.

4. Sheep Number Fat

Come from Tegal's Regency. Cirikhas pits against this is its tail burly one / thick.