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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Use in Poultry Vaccines


Vaccines are: biological preparations derived from disease-causing agents that have been weaken or switch off so it is not dangerous, but still able to stimulate the immune substances.

 Under what circumstances, required or prohibited ??
- The area polluted viral disease
- Bacterial disease that attacks the routine and significant economic losses.
      - The area of disease free (clean area).

  •  Viral diseases can not be cured with the administration. Best Handling provides immunity in chickens by vaccination 
  • Prevention is much cheaper than therapy

 Can be done: morning, afternoon or evening origin vaccine is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Best done on:
morning (07:00 to 9:00 pukul.) and
afternoon (16:00 to 18:00 pukul.)

  •  Shade 
  • Do not get too close brooder 
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight

 There are 2 kinds:
  1. Live / live / active : ND, IB, IBD, FP, AE, ILT, Reo, Marek, cocci. 
  2. Killed vaccine / vaccines dead : ND, AI, IB, IBD, Coryza

 Vaccine applications
  •  IO = eye drops (ND, IB, ILT) 
  • IN = nasal drops (ND, IB, ILT) 
  • IM = intramuscular shots (vaccines Kill) 
  • SC = subcutaneous injection (vaskin Kill) 
  • WW = puncture the wing (FP) 
  • PO = oral drops (IBD) 
  • Spray = spray (ND, IB, cocci) 
  • DW = Drinking Water (ND, IBD)

Dissolution Vaccines
  • Do it in a clean, cool and protected from the sun. 
  • Diluent and the vaccine should be the same brand 
  • Applied immediately after the vaccine is dissolved. 
  • In lieu of diluent can be used aquabidest 
  • The vaccine should be dissolved all, there is no residual
It is important to note !
Vaccine Drops:
  • The air pressure in the bottle should be the same as the outside air pressure 
  • One drop is a full dose 
  • Must be discharged within 2 hours 
  • Wait until the vaccine is no swallowing reflex, the new off. 
  • Drops in the bottle to seal tisue.
Vaccine Injectable :
  • Check the dose with a measuring cup 
  • There should be no air in the vaccine and hose Syring 
  • Must enter to insert the needle into the bottle of air 
  • The routine should shake that homogeneous
Vaccines drinking water :
  • Water should be free residual chlorine 
  • Skim milk from 0.25 to 0.5% solution 
  • Gallon / pipe must be clean 
  • should be evenly 
  • Do not use a tool that had the same metal ion
Influenced by:
  • DOC quality 
  • Mycoplasma status / health conditions cock 
  • Maternal antibodies or antibody before vaccination results 
  • Vaccine strains and doses 
  • Time of administration (first vaccine or booster) 
  • immunosuppressive factors 
  • environment
 Thank you. May be useful