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Friday, December 27, 2013

Google adsense tips to stay safe from banned

The following tips are the rules enforced policies of some important points contained in the Terms Of Service ( TOS ) from Google AdSense :
  1. Do not click your own ads.
    by clicking on your own ads, you have to cheat to yourself and google account ultimately dismissed by google.
  2. Do not tell anyone else or blog visitors to click on your Google AdSense ads. 
  3.  Not change the AdSense code given script.
  4.  Try not to put text labels on your AdSense ads. 
  5. Try not to put ads from Goggles competitors because Google does not want cheated. 
  6. Try to always pay attention to the placement of AdSense ads on your blog correctly, the size and location of your ad.
  7.  Not use materials that contain or have such Copyright : mp3, video, images, etc.
  8.  Do not use content that is not allowed.
    There are some types of content are not allowed by Google AdSense ad network, namely:

    • promoting illicit drugs and all equipment. 
    • Sell ​​or promote prescription drugs. 
    • Selling or promoting beer or liquor. 
    • Sell ​​or promote certain weapons such as firearms, ammunition, or a knife. 
    • advertisements or articles that pornography, gambling, etc. 
    • installing content related to hacking or hacking. 
    • put the article that sparked the conflict between organizations or groups. 
  9. Do not put your Google AdSense ads on your blog content is minimal.
    such as blogs that only have 1 to 2 post articles.
  10. Google advertising rule is a maximum of 3 pieces and should not be more than 3 accounts which consequently could be dismissed
 Thank you and hopefully this article useful ...


I see. But, I don;t use Google Adsense, Yllix best. :v