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Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Setting CNAME Domain.TK , GQ , CF , GA , ML Freenom on Blogspot

How Steps Setting Domain.TK CNAME , GQ , CF , GA , ML Freenom For Blogspot ? 1.First Register your blog name in freenom how can you see the last post. ( Read : How to register a domain freenom 100 % free ) if you get it right this dipoin 's way , we immediately wrote next namely :

1. Open
2. Select Settings
3. Click the + Prepare a 3rd party URL for your blog
4. Put the blog address you have registered in freenom
5. The result will be as shown below ( example ) goal we recored input code Reviews such as www : and ebkstrwuk2cx :
6. Until here we get into freenom skip first image

 - Login to freenom
- Choose my domain
- Manage Domains
- Manage DNS Freenom
- After comes across Box We will be asked to input In the Name field enter the domain that has been registered along with the IP use the following IP :
- To fill the box CNAME third party domain settings of blogger.comyang above earlier . he saw his position .
- If you are finished you fill CLICK SAVE CHANGES

After you save and success , in FREENOM , now back to DASBOAR you open your blogspot , on Prepare 3rd party URL for your blog CLICK SAVE / SAVE .finished .