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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Essence Of The Rules Of Google Adsense

1. Do not click own adsense ads, or asking others to click on adsense for any reason.

2. Do not change the Adsense ad code.

3. Forbidden to have more than one account. One Account is sufficient for 1 website/blog.

4. Do not place information such as "Please click this ad and will help someone" or "visit our sponsors" and others, in any language.

5. Do not place adsense ads adjacent to the image/thumb images.

6. Don't post adsense ads via email.

7. Do not place more than 3 adsense ad units and 3 link adsense ads or 2 search box on a web page.

8. Prohibited placing adsense on your website/blog porn, gambling, mp3 download or content that is illegal

9. don't place ads text beside adsense with coloring and shape are the same as the adsense ads.

10. Should not open a new window when someone clicks on your ad.

11. Placing adsense ads on a web page/blog. Should not put adsense ads as a popup/popunder or the like.

12. Website/blog must have a Privacy policy. (addendum: privacy policy should explain also about DoubleClick's DART cookie)

13. Make sure the adsense ads placed in a language that already support. (Now Indonesian Language includes language on support by Adsense)

14. avoid excessive advertising and keyword overload.

15. Do not overlap other images with adsense ads/popup and the like.

16. Should not be placed on the web that its article copy and paste results

17. Should not be put up text link ads adjacent to menu/navigation web/blog.

18. Forbidden to place ads next to the flash content.

19. Adsense should not be installed to the web such as email/chat/Newslatter